Monday, April 30, 2007

4 Year Old Logic :o)

A friend related this story to me....

I took my daughter & her little brother to the park today. There my daughter (4) met her friend (5) and he friend's smaller sister (2). Her friend's mom is expecting again and had her 20 week scan yesterday. So naturally we were inquiring and they are having another girl.

My daughter asked her friend, "Didn't you want to have a baby brother? Did you not pray hard enough? Why did God send you a girl?".

Her friend: "There was nothing wrong with my praying".

My daughter: "Oh" [thought for a minute] and then said "God must be out of boys at the moment - you know, that happens" :)).

Tonight my daughter was saying her night prayers and adds in a real casual voice: "I was told you might be out of boys, God. If you have any spare girls, please send me one!".

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