Saturday, April 14, 2007

The Easter Bunny - A.K.A. Aunt Diane

Feast of Peter Gonzales

Easter Sunday started by going to Mass. Dinner was to be at my mother's, so after changing clothes, we headed over. We get there & my mother, E-Ma to my children, had NO Easter candy for them! Doesn't she know that is in the job description of a grandmother?!?!?! My own grandmother was also there, G-G to my children, and did not bring candy - but she had a good excuse of being in the hospital just before. I had no candy for them either - time flew by & I was not prepared (which is especially sad because we gave up sugar for Lent & the three of us were really looking forward to some sweets.) I had King Peter call his aunt to see if the Easter Bunny went to her house instead. (She was coming to dinner too, but had not arrived yet.) She asks to talk to me, saying she wished the Easter Bunny had given her some notice.

Dinner is almost ready & Mom & I are wondering where my sister is. Mom calls her. Diane is at the store "looking for that dern Bunny!" HA HA! We figure that is a good excuse for being late. We ended up having to start dinner without her because my grandmother needed to eat. We had just sat down when my sister walks in the door. Hanging out of her pockets are two chocolate bunnies - she said she had left her coat in the car, and when she got in it this morning, she found the candy in her coat's pockets. Of course this thrilled my children - until I told them they had to eat their dinner first! She also came bearing Easter gifts for our grandmother, mother, & I - potted Lilies (Queen Lucy has taken it upon herself to make sure mine gets proper care as I tend to forget about my plants.)

My children & I are the last to leave. I had already taken Grandma home, & my sister was not feeling well due to a pain in her neck (and no, I was not the "pain in the neck" - she had it before she came) so she left early. My children get into the car & what do they find? Two huge Easter baskets filled with the coolest eggs (not the ordinary, cheap plastic eggs) with candy, and a small toy!

Thanks to my sister for tracking down that "dern Bunny!"

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