Sunday, April 22, 2007

The Popcorn King & the Chilidog Queen & a Yard Sale

Feast of Saint Leonidas of Alexandria

This past Friday found us at the assisted living facility that my Grandma now lives in, Vintage Park (part of Vintage Group). I have written before how wonderful this place is. Well, it continues to impress me!

Last Friday they had a yard sale. They use the funds from this to pay for special activities for the residents. The owner bought two wonderful tents that made the sale so much better (thank you Joe!) However, they were almost without tables. One of the employees was able to find some at the last minute. I had volunteered our services (what a great community service project for my children.). My son got out of bed at 7am the FIRST time I told him to get up (but then he was doing it for his great grandma, and not for his own mother of course). We made it there by 7:30 am.

King Peter was put right to work, hauling things out. I was helping to organize. Queen Lucy went with her Grandmother to the dining room. After awhile I went to check on my darling daughter to make sure she was behaving herself. I find her seated at the table sipping hot chocolate, the center of attention. They have assigned seating in the dining room, and every seat is filled, but there she was, sitting in a chair pulled up to the corner of the table. Grandma told me that the ladies at the table would not settle down until a chair was found for her.

About mid-morning, King Peter was put in charge of the popcorn machine (they were also selling popcorn, chili dogs, and drinks). When Queen Lucy heard of this, she insisted on helping. It was not long until she was in charge of the chilidogs. They took turns at handling the money. I must say, they worked quite well with each other. I will admit, I was not out there the whole time (Grandma was not feeling well so I would keep her company), so if there were any problems, no one told me. When it came time for lunch, they took their lunches in shifts, so that the stand was manned the whole time.

The employees were very attentive to my children, making sure they got plenty to eat. They even got ice cream sundaes in the afternoon (so did I!) The residents were kind to my children, and even got my normally shy daughter to talk to them. The person in charge of the sale thanked my for bringing my children to help. I told her that her allowing my children to help was a far bigger benefit to my children. By her allowing this, she helped me to provide another character building opportunity. It was a wonderful day in many ways! My only complaint – they need coffee with caffeine!!!! (I am not addicted, surely not!!!)

P.S. - We had ribs for lunch the day of the sale. They were melt-in-your-mouth WONDERFUL. Later that afternoon, I saw them preparing the soup for supper that evening - Cream of Broccoli Soup from SCRATCH! No "institutional food" here!

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