Tuesday, September 12, 2006

The life of a klutz......

Feast of Most Holy Name of Mary

So, I am in my son's room (always a dangerous quest), when I stub my toe on a barbell. OK, "stub" is an understatement - I broke it. Imagine popping your knuckle with a jolt of electricity. I didn't go to the doc; what could he do that I couldn't? I taped the broken toe to the toe next to it and assumed I was on my way to recovery. That's where I went wrong - assuming. Last night I was carrying something up the stairs. No sooner had I stepped on that first step than I felt the snap and familiar jolt of electricity (by the way, I did not drop the object I was carrying). Yes, I had my toe taped, and yes, I had shoes on. After a few moments of deep breathing (remembered from a Lamaze class from several years ago), I finished my chore, then took pity on myself (though brief, as is the life of a mom). Even my dear son took pity on me & carried the rest of the items up the stairs for me. So now I sit here, trying to decide if I should see a doc this time - if for nothing else, than to show me how to properly tape the toe.

It seems broken bones run in the family. Three weeks ago my dear daughter broke a bone in her hand. She was walking her great grandma's dog when he decided to lunge up the back stairs, & she fell on them (but did not let go of the leash!) I thought she was being over dramatic, and gave her some ice to put on it. It wasn't too swollen, & she moved her fingers well. The next day (Friday), I thought it might be wise to have it looked at (even though she was in no pain by this time), especially with the weekend looming. The nurse practitioner did not think it was broken, but sent us for an x-ray anyway. Much to every one's surprise, it was broken! My darling daughter was quick to remind me, "And you thought I was being over dramatic!!!" She got a hot pink cast with a purple stripe (sure beats the ugly, white plaster cast I had as a child). She didn't like being limited in her outdoor activities, but she did not mind getting off kitchen duty (though her brother DID mind). She got the cast of yesterday, so all is back to normal! (Did I say "normal"? It is never normal around here! LOL!!!)