Monday, May 11, 2009

Figure Skating - April 2009

The end of April, a dear friend recorded Queen Lucy skating. She was a little shy while being recorded. She is a "careful" skater, not quite ready to risk falling when learning a new move; and her teacher says the biggest thing holding her back is herself & the way she gets frustrated when a move doesn't go correctly. She has come so far - not just in her skating, but also in her self-confidence. She wants to go to her first competition in September (it is local), and now wants to join the synchro team (think synchronised swimming, except it is skating). Her long term goal is to teach. She spends every moment she can on the ice, and practices the whole time she is there. It has gotten to the point she needs some private lessons, in addition to her weekly group lessons. Her teacher says that the way she practices, one 15 minute private lesson every other week is fine. Of course more is better, but also costs more. Money is always an issue, and while we are going the "budget route", she can't do it without help. She saves every penny she gets from birthdays, pet sitting, etc for skating, but it is not enough if she wants to start competing, and/or join the synchro team. She is going to write up a proposal, seeking "sponsors" and pledges, and send it to the grandmas, aunts, etc. Since this video was shot (less than 2 weeks ago), she has already learned more combinations, and a new jump.

Click here to see the video: