Monday, April 02, 2007

EZ-Bake Oven For Your Computer!

Feast of Saint Francis of Paola

Queen Lucy got an Easy Bake Oven for Christmas, as yet, unused (she just got the gift due to a conflict in schedules between us & the gift giver). A friend had warned me it was recalled. I was looking online to see if I could find the recall info when I came across an interesting item - ThinkGeek's PC EZ-Bake Oven. From their website:

Tiny Cakes = Big Fun!
One of our primary missions here at ThinkGeek is discovering ways to live happy and productive lives while expending a minimum of energy. Who wants to waste time and effort getting up to grab a snack from the fridge or walking to the bathroom? Thankfully, there are already gadgets that take care of those tedious chores for you.
Our newest contribution to the "No effort, No problem" craze is also a throwback to one of the toys we loved as kids. Who can forget the joy of mixing up a tiny cake mix and cooking it with the warm glow of a light bulb? We didn't seem to care that it was only about 3 bites worth - it was damn tasty, and homemade with our own grubby little hands.
Now the computer savvy among us can relive the fun of having your very own personal mini-oven with the PC Ez-Bake oven! It fits in a 5 1/4" drive bay and plugs right into your power supply with the included Molex connector. Also included is "PC Ez-Cook", the open-source oven controller software with hundreds of easy and creative recipes for your PC Ez-Bake oven, and even a fuzzy-logic cooking control system to precisely measure the doneness of your cake, cookie, or cheese souffle. The PC Ez-Bake oven can even be used to cook your Pop Tarts, Bagel Bites, or any tiny or flat food. YUM!

If that is not enough to convince you to park one of these puppies into your drive bay, they also offer a Caffeinated Meatloaf (comes dehydrated) Mix, and "Special office friendly recipes including "Duck Sauce Packet Tart", "Vending Machine Casserole", and "Non-Dairy Creamer Creme Brulee" " Emeril Lagasse, watch out!

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