Thursday, April 26, 2007


Feast of Our Lady of Good Counsel

So, Queen Lucy & I are looking at t-shirts at one of the 'mart' stores. One of them was a cute pink shirt with "BFF" on the front. I knew it was an abbreviation of some sort, and probably part of the text-message generation, but did not know what it meant.

Queen Lucy pipes up, "Best Friends Forever." DUH! I looked at her with surprise (meanwhile, thanking God it meant something nice).

(Disclaimer - this is not the shirt. The socially inept do not carry their cameras everywhere they go. But if you like it, you can find it here.)

She does not do instant messaging on the computer, in fact, she does not do the Internet or email, nor does she have a cell phone. And to make matter worse - we do not have cable television or a "dish". GASP!

I asked her, "How did you know that? I thought I kept you safe & secure in the cave we live in!"

I guess I need to do a thorough inspection of our cave, filling in any gaps, because we all know homeschool children are socially inept & should not know such things.


gina said...

Hey Beth, this is funny! I was just talking about this very thing today. gina

M. Alexander said...

I'm always a littl nervous about what these mean. I'm glad this one is benign.

My dd once saw a tee shirt that said, "I gave away my boyfriend and got a puppy instead."