Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Motu Proprio - Will the days of "Great Dissapointment" soon be over?

Feast of Saint Joseph the Worker

I wrote in a previous article about the Motu Proprio. I was discussing it with a priest who asked me if I knew any Jehovah Witnesses. Umm, no, not personally. He told me about the day of “Great Disappointment” when the end of the world and the second coming of Christ was predicted – that it was a day of great disappointment when that day came & went (and came & went, and came again, & went, etc.) He related that with the many predictions that have come & gone concerning the Motu Proprio.

Well, this article gives us another prediction. It says the Motu Proprio will be released on May 5th, the feast day of Pope Saint Pius V.
“That is apparently the date Pope Benedict has chosen for his announcement of
the lifting of restrictions on the celebration of the beautiful Latin Tridentine
Mass, introduced by St Pius in 1570.”

While I am glad that this is coming out, I am not sure how much affect it will have. The Motu Proprio is supposed to give any priest who wants to say the TLM the right to say it, without getting permission first from their Bishop. But don't you think a Bishop, if he really does not want the TLM said, will find other ways to control it?

hat said, in the Orange County, California diocese, the bishop ended the TLM a few years ago in a controversial way. That same bishop has now allowed a "trial" TLM since it has become clear the Motu Proprio is coming out. Brown nosing?????

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