Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Shear Madness!

Once upon a time, there was a homeschooling mom, Mommia, who had two children, Queen Lucy & King Peter. Along with academics, she tried to teach them the merits of hard work, and skills that would build their characters. One day she heard of a homeschool family that was new to the area. They had a farm, Quiet Waters Farm, where they offered for sale organic produce, hormone free meat, wool, and much more. Mommia wrote this family to see if they needed any help on the farm; she was always looking for places to volunteer with her children & what better place than on a farm!

Oh the joy! the day she got a reply. There would soon be a sheep shearing & they would need help. King Peter & Queen Lucy were most excited.

The day dawned bright & sunny. Out in the country there was a nice breeze. They arrived early enough for King Peter to make friends with the owners’ son, and for Queen Lucy to make friends with the horses. There was even time to feed some of the lambs a bottle with the owners’ adorable granddaughter.

At first, Queen Lucy helped to pick the burrs, stick, & grass off the sheep, as they passed through the chute waiting to get their hooves trimmed.

King Peter's job was to help keep the sheep still, while the adults trimmed the hooves.

Meanwhile, a skilled shearer sheared the sheep (yes, there is a real, live sheep under all of that wool.)

One of the owners, a lovely lady named Jean, "skirted the fleece". Mommia helped carry some of the fleece over to the table, and boy did she itch! Who would ever have thought something so soft would itch so much! It was worth it, as her hands ended up soft from all of the lanolin.

Soon it was time to do the llamas & alpacas! Queen Lucy got to walk them around as they waited to be sheered.

...and walk them....

...and walk them. (Let's just say she was in her element!)

That is going to make some lovely fiber!

The day ended with a delicious meal, fresh cows milk, and great friendships!


P.S. - There was no "madness" as it all went smoothly, but how could I resist a catchy title?!?!?!?


Donna said...

Looks like a great day - did you bring home any fiber?

Christi said...

Looks like a wonderful fun educational day! and yes did you bring home any fleece? Thank you for sharing!