Wednesday, April 05, 2006


This darn daylight savings time is messing us all up! I swear it's a conspiracy against mothers! It's only an hour, but it sure causes a lot of trouble for just one little hour. I can't sleep well, and when I fall asleep is much later. Also, I wake up much later, unless I set the alarm - and I have not needed an alarm for years, because if I could sleep past 7:30, then I was sleeping really late. And my children, don't even want to talk about the war that erupts when it is time to get them up!

So we start school. Then after lunch we went to look at shoes, since dear son informs me his toes hurt - and he didn't like the idea of curling his toes, or cutting the toe area out of his shoes. Get to the shoe store & measure him. He went up a whole size! Then I look at the price of the shoes & tell him to go barefoot like the natives. I struck out on that idea too. Maybe we should do an arts & craft in school & make sandals out of old tires.

We go home, & continue with the school work - turns out they made very little progress in the morning. I tell them they must complete all of their school work, plus their chores, or no watching LOST. Boy, that got them moving!

In the meantime, someone came to pick up the dryer I posted on our local FreeCycle. And if I wasn't working with the children, I was playing around with different formats & backgrounds for my blog. I cannot make up my mind. I want something feminine & classy, that incorporates my interests in designing, sewing, loom knitting, Catholicism, home schooling, & Pro-Life, as well as something from The Chronicles of Narnia of course. Should be easy....... right?!?!?

So now I sit here, waiting to get tired so I can go to bed & fall asleep. Darn daylight savings!

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