Friday, April 07, 2006

Would you join me over a cup of coffee?

Ok, so I am not drinking the coffee right this minute, but it is brewing & smells wonderful! Did you know that coffee is the most recognizable smell? That if someone has a problem with their sense of smell, & can only smell one thing, it would probably be coffee.

It is quiet. Children are not up yet. Ahhhh, peaceful! Ugh, spoke too soon because dear son just yelled, asking me to turn down the TV because he has "one more hour" of sleep.

Spent TOO much time & money at our local Walmart yesterday. I try to do my big shopping once a month. I went yesterday, despite the threat of thunderstorms, otherwise I would have to wait until Saturday - and being at WM on a Saturday is akin to running my fingernails down a blackboard! My daughter was with me, and one of her favorite things to do is the self checkout. Normally, when I have a lot of items, I do it myself because of the time factor, but I let her do it all this time (though I put the items in the bags). When we got done, she looked at the total & was very surprised at how high the total was (though I considered it one of my cheaper totals). She asked, "Do you have enough money?" Maybe NOW there will be some gratitude for what we have. I try to teach my children the value of money, but you can't beat teachable moments like this.

On the agenda for today is some loom knitting. I really need to take some pictures to post here. By the way, I thought of a trick to make the flat-bottom bags easier. I will tell you more later, & post some pics.

Gotta go - the coffee is done......and does it smell ever so wonderful!


MaryT said...

Beth, in my case, I think the only recognizable scent for me would be CHOCOLATE!!!!

Love your blog!


MaryT said...

In my case, I tink that scent would be CHOCOLATE, not coffee!! LOL!! I'm enjoying your blog! :)