Saturday, April 08, 2006

I am so sneaky!

My mom & her dear husband just had their 10th anniversary! We had a surprise party for them this evening. We all pretended like we forgot all about their anniversary! Gotcha' Mom!

The traditional anniversary gifts involve tin & aluminum, but the contemporary alternative is diamonds! I gave them neither, though I would have wrapped the gifts in aluminum foil had I thought of it! Instead I made them each a water bottle holder on the Knifty Knitter (pics & how-to's coming soon). My dear daughter is making a washcloth, & dear son is making a potholder - also on the KKs (we showed Mom & Ed the WIPs - works in progress).

Here is a picture of my dear son working on his, later in the evening - he had a helper, LOL! Soon after we got home, he got his loom out all on his own - no prodding from Mom! I guess he thought this was more fun than picking up the MANY sticks in the yard from the Elm trees. This is his first project.

My dear daughter, on the other hand, looses interest quickly. She is only wants to make stuffed animals, but I keep telling her she needs to learn the different stitches first - by the way she knows how to e-wrap, purl, & make a flat panel. She is on her second project.

Time to go; we get up early on Sundays for the traditional Latin Mass, and tomorrow is Palm Sunday.



Michelle- This One's For The Girls said...

Hey cool-- you've got your son using the Knifty Knitter. I want to know how to make a water bottle too!

bethalice said...

I will try to show you on Tuesday. Hopefully, today or tomorrow, I will post directions & pictures.