Monday, April 03, 2006

In the beginning..... (Chronicle of a headache)

......there was a mom with a headache.

Yeah, I know, not such a great way to start a blog. The day started out with all of us oversleeping (don't you love daylight savings time?!) I was to leave for an appointment. "Hurry, Get up!", I yell to my children. No, it's not a fire, but E-ma Linda (E-ma = grandma) is outside waiting to be let in. I quickly run through the lesson plans, remind E-ma Linda of how tricky the children can be to get out of work, and threaten the children with the punishment of untangling & rolling all of my yarn if they pull any such tricks. I run out the door, forgetting the cup of coffee I fixed to take with me.

I get to my appointment to have some routine x-rays done. I swear they took so many, I must be glowing! I think I bored the radiology tech with my talk about the merits of Birkenstocks & Crocs. (It's not often I get to talk to real live adults!) Then home I go. As I open the door, I hear "the pitter-patter of little feet". Yep, that would be my children running to their work spaces to look busy doing school work. I thank E-ma Linda, and promise her dinner when I have something in the house to eat other than peanut butter.

The afternoon went peaceful enough with the children apparently doing their school work. Then the couch arrived. My grandma (my children's great-grandma, whom they call "G-G") bought a new couch, so we got her old one (my contribution to the recycling effort). It looks new, but doesn't smell new. You see, my grandma is a closet smoker. Oh we all know she smokes, but we pretend we don't (as long as we "don't know", she will not smoke around us, therefore smoking less, which she is not to do & lies to the doctors about, but she is stubborn & 80, so what are ya' gonna' do? LOL) Anyway, what was I talking about? Oh, the couch! It smelled like smoke, so I sprayed it with a Febreze competitor. Should have gotten the Febreze! Now I have a wet couch, that smells like smoke & a cheap perfumey chemical.

No wonder I have a headache! I would lie down on the couch to relax, ...... if only it wasn't wet.....

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