Thursday, April 13, 2006

Missouri - The Show Me State

Ok, so I am watching the news last night. I hear about the couple who faked having sextuplets - the hoax included a website asking for money & gifts. You can read about it here on CNN (or as my dear brother calls it, Communist News Network). They are from Missouri, where I live. Missouri - The Hoax Me State.

On the health front, it seems the Midwest is the center of a mumps outbreak.
You can read about it here on the Kansas City Star. The article says that the US has had 250-300 cases in recent years. There are more than 500 just in Iowa alone! Not to mention the other Midwest states, including Missouri. The article also says "Most of the current cases have been among people who were vaccinated." Hmmmmm..... interesting. Missouri - The ______ Me State. (sorry, can't think of a catchy word)

And in the saddest news of all, their was a winner in Missouri for the Powerball jackpot of $224 MILLION.
You can read about it here, also on the Kansas City Star. How is this sad? Because I didn't win! The fact I didn't buy a ticket is beside the point. Hmmm, I wonder if my mother or one of my siblings did..... Mom, sis, bro, did I ever tell you how VERY much I love you?!?!??! Missouri - The Show-Me-The-Money State.

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