Saturday, April 15, 2006

Stupid Doctor & Poison Ivy

Last night my dear daughter came to me saying she itched. It was under her arm, so I assumed it was a heat rash. It has been 92 degrees for the last 2 days. What happened to Spring? I am boycotting the weather by NOT turning on my AC - especially since it is only April! OK, so back to my daughter. I was having her try on all of her summer clothes to see what still fit - she has had a big growth spurt (I will be listing several girl's Laura Ashley dresses on eBay, btw). I noticed her cheeks were red, & when I looked closer, I saw the rash. It was on most of her face, including around her eyes & on her eyelids. So I call the nurse, & she said that since it is on her eyelids, she needs to be brought to the clinic. Before we left, I had my daughter show me where she had been playing in the yard. I saw no poison ivy.....that I could see. It borders the yard, so even if it has not started yet this year, there is still the leftover from last year (even the dead stuff can cause a lot of problems). My daughter gets it every year, each year it is worse.

So off we go to the clinic, but not before packing up our looms & yarn to take with us. When the doctor (who I think was actually a LPN) looked at her, he said to me (in front of her) that she had to take the medication or she would go blind. When he left the room, my daughter started crying, afraid she was going blind! The mama bear in me went out of the room, after him. I told him that he had scared her & to come back & fix things. He came back, said a few words quickly & left. I pulled her on my lap & comforted her. She is growing, but she will never be too big for my lap!

Click here to go to the best site I have ever seen on poison ivy - and humorous too! You will love it!

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Sorka said...

I have already had my first dose of poison ivy.. I have the envious habit of getting the rash on the palm side of my hands.. and ALWAYS between my fingers! Ouch.. not much knitting this week.
Oh well.