Wednesday, June 06, 2007

"Rudy, are you listening? It's me, God!"

From Reuters
Electrical glitch worries Giuliani at debate
Tue Jun 5, 2007 9:51PM EDT

MANCHESTER, New Hampshire (Reuters) - An electrical glitch at a debate of Republican presidential candidates had Rudy Giuliani joking on Tuesday that he was about to be struck by lightning for differing with a Catholic bishop.

An electrical sound interrupted Giuliani, a Roman Catholic, as he was trying to answer a question from debate moderator Wolf Blitzer of CNN about a Rhode Island bishop who compared him to Pontius Pilate for his views on abortion.

"Look, for someone who went to parochial schools all his life, this is a very frightening thing that's happening right now," Giuliani chuckled.

Giuliani, who is leading national polls in his party's presidential race, has drawn fire from conservative critics for not being a stronger opponent of abortion.

"My view on abortion is that it's wrong, but that ultimately government should not be enforcing that decision on a woman," he said.

I saw the news clip on this debate on TV. He may have "chuckled", but it was a nervous chuckle. I pray he takes this seriously. Divine Intervention - Gotta love it!!!

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