Wednesday, June 20, 2007

I am a bad sister..........................

June 20, 2007 - Feast of Saint Alban

A week ago today, on June 13th, my brother had a birthday. I failed to wish him happy birthday. So here goes...

Happy Birthday Chad!!!!

Sorry, ladies, he is married!

P.S. - now I am off to get him an AWESOME gift!


MaryT said...

Neat day to have a birthday! It's my parent's anniversary, and my niece's birthday and the feast day of St Anthony of Padua, my original parish on Long Island. The parish always had a HUGE feast day celebration for that day, and it ended with dancing under the stars.
What did you get him for his birthday? Is he still in Iraq?

bethalice said...

I got him a ....... GOTCHA! I can't say yet, as he might read this.

He has not been in Iraq for awhile, though he has been there more than once - last time was 2 years ago I THINK. He has since had overseas duty, just not there. He has been home since last summer.

Lily said...

You two definitely look like brother and sister. I am sure he forgave you, and if not, the awesome gift will help ;-)

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