Sunday, October 08, 2006

Victory won....victory lost? But the war is not over!

Feast of Saint Reparata

As you may know, Missouri has a huge vote coming up on stem cell research (which I oppose strongly! - By the way, I am all for ADULT stem cell research which has been PROVEN, but that is NOT what this amendment is about). My grandmother, whom I dearly love, was on the fence. I have talked to her about it, but it was my 13 year old son who finally convinced her - he even got her to put a sign in her yard (she is not a "sign" person). ...or so we thought..........

Yes, the "Vote NO" sign is still up, but today, he noticed she has two more signs in her yard, one of which is for Claire McCaskill! She is SUPPORTING the amendment! AND she claims to be CATHOLIC!!!!!!!!! In fact, she even says it on her "about" page" on her campaign;s website - even naming the churches she is a member of! And she supports ABORTION! Oh my! My heart hurts!!! When she says she is "Catholic", even mentioning the parishes she belongs to, well, that can be confusing - know what I mean?!?!?

This is why it is confusing when a so-called "Catholic" supports abortion, etc -

"1- If Claire is such a great Catholic, why doesn't she get married in the church now that her druggie X is dead and start attending Church regularly.2 - How did the Notre Dame High School, a private Catholic girls school in the city have $21,000 to be one of Claire's largest contributors. Something stinks here. Catholics have become the most selectively hypocritical group that exists"
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