Monday, October 02, 2006

The Unlimited Love of a Mom

Feast of Guardian Angels

Ok, so we have our indoor plants outside. Well, one day we see a caterpillar on one; the next day it was in a cocoon! COOL! Science experiment!!! LOL! We built a cage - cut out 2 windows out of a cardboard box & covered the openings with saran wrap, then put the plant & cocoon in there. I thought it had died, because it seemed it was in the cocoon for a week longer than it should have been - but I was wrong (first time for everything! LOL!) It came out this morning!

So, smart mom that I am, I thought I would take pictures. In the course of it all, the butterfly made a mad escape! In the process of stopping it, I knocked my hand onto it & stunned it. My daughter thought I had murdered it & started bawling. But once I got it back into its 'cage', it shook it off. So I take more pictures. It makes another mad dash! This time it succeeds! I have to deal with another crying episode from my daughter. She spots it in the tree. So with the help of a net, and after 3 tries with it flying onto another part of the tree each time, I finally catch it & save the day! My neighbor saw the whole thing & told her husband "Now that is love!" LOL!

Anyway, here are a couple of pictures of the yet un-named butterfly.

Here is its former home, the pupa/chrysalis-

Here it is a few hours after its emergence-

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