Monday, October 02, 2006

Rally Time!

Feast of Guardian Angels

(Aren't you lucky! Two posts from me in one day! LOL!!!)

Yesterday afternoon was the Missouri Right to Life Annual Life Chain. We went. My son lasted the whole time (it was hot & sunny). My daughter ended up on the hill in the shade. My children worried about all of the cars that whizzed by, that seemed to ignore us. I pointed out all of the cars that slowed down. Besides, I told them, if we get one person to change their mind, then it was a success!

Oh, there was one little girl there that had a t-shirt that said "Former Embryo". I think all of us will get that shirt!

Anyway - here are my pro-lifers! BTW, my son said it should not be called "pro-choice" but "pro-murder". That's right, dear son! A friend said, "I think fewer people would not be "pro-choice" if they called it murder, like it really is."


Sorka said...

Wow that alone was a day of education for them!! Keep up the cause for the babies!

bethalice said...

Thanks! This just goes to show you, no one is too young to help! Or, for that matter, too old, or too busy, or too poor, etc.