Monday, September 03, 2007

Absence makes the heart grow fonder?

Monday, September 3, 2007 - Feast of Saint Gregory the Great

I apologise to my readership, which is sooooo vast [snicker], for my absence. Did you miss me? [pretending is ok] I was busy with moving.

We were unhappy with our former residence. It was not in the best neighborhood. My children were lucky I let them play outside in the yard, but they never could ride their bikes unless I took them to a park. We moved there only a year ago, and since I detest moving, I tried to grin & bear it. Then something wonderful happened. With the help of a friend, I found a lovely place to live in, only 2-3 blocks from the church we belong too! I call it our "cottage'. We get to walk to Mass, and now can attend weekly Mass more often! My children have a larger yard to safely play in, and can ride their bikes. The library is within walking distance too. We will be here for maaaannnnyyy years!

I am so blessed, and VERY thankful to our new landlady for having such a wonderful place for us to live in! I hope she realises what a dream it is for us to live in a place like this, and so near to Mass. She is truly a lovely person, and such a Godsend! I thank God too, as all of this was definitely because of Divine Intervention. I also thank my friend, for her part in all of this.


Lily said...

I am glad you are so happy. You deserve all the best!

Lynne Brons said...

Your friend and landlady are in our prayers of thanksgiving.

Rae said...

Congratulations!! What a terrific location... Enjoy!