Monday, December 25, 2006

What a GLORIOUS Day!!!

Feast of the Nativity

I just had to share my evening/morning!

Was I at the TLM? Pretty darn close! I went to the local Novus Ordo for midnight Mass, as I did not think it wise to be on the highway (the TLM I attend is an hour away) by myself with my children in the middle of the night. First of all there were NINE servers - ALL BOYS/MEN! 2 are seminarians. 4 were in red & 5 in black. Father was wearing a Biretta and a traditional vestment - in fact, the decorative part was salvaged from a century old vestment & made into a new vestment by the Oblates of Mary.

Mass had some similarities to the High Mass at the Traditional Latin Mass (TLM). There was more Latin than usual, & much was done in chant/polyphony. Father made sure everyone knew to kneel (not just bow) during the Profession (well, my children & I do all the time). You know the part in the TLM where a server blesses the faithful with the incense? That was even done - it was second nature for me to stand up for it, then I realized no one else was, but they quickly followed my cue. There were more similarities, but I cannot think of them right now. One of the seminarians helped distribute communion (at this parish, we only receive under one species, and only one Extraordinary Minister is used, and only if really necessary.)

OK, while all of this was very nice, that is not why I am so joyful! I truly felt the Holy Spirit tonight! Yes, I know He is always with me, but I have had a long dry spell (I know some saints have written of this.) During the Gloria, this feeling came over me - so overwhelming I cried & had to hold onto the pew in front of me. I do not seek out these experiences / do not go to Mass to "feel good" or be entertained, but when this happens, I accept it as a gift. I am joyful because God became Man so that we might be saved!



I wrote the above in the wee hours of the morning, so please forgive me if it rambles. Blame it on lack of sleep (though I did not feel tired at the time as I was so pumped from Mass) or the zeal I felt.

BTW, my daughter took a picture of me today, and I put it on my profile (look on the left sidebar). Not too bad - perhaps I have a budding photographer on my hands?!?!?!?

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