Friday, December 22, 2006

A Miracle just before Christmas!

Feast of Saint Frances Xavier Cabrini

I got this email from a dear friend. I will let it speak for itself.
Please feel free to comment & praise God with us, or share a miracle of your own!

This is a very long mail, but it is literally God's hand taking over - as you'll see..........
As you all know my gran has basically been on her death bed for the past 2 weeks. Last night her pulse dropped to 10 and the nurses called my mom and her brothers and told them to come in as she would not make it to midnight - there was nothing more her dr could do. My mom and uncles got there and were sitting with my gran in ICU when this man walks in out of the blue and introduces himself as Dr Basson. He said that he was checking on one of his patients he did a heart transplant on that morning and that one of the nurses had mentioned my gran to him - would they mind if he gave a second opinion. They agreed that at this stage they had nothing to lose and said OK. He sat down, read her file, asked tons of questions and finally did a quick check-up on my gran (who by this stage was not aware of anything going on around her anymore). He disappeared for 15 min and when he came back, told (not asked) my mom and uncles that an ambulance is waiting to rush my gran to another hospital so he could put a temporary pacemaker in - everything was arranged. (Bit of background. My gran was in a private hospital and was now going to a state hospital. Here in SA a state hospital is seriously 3rd world. Understaffed, broken equipment, dirty, etc. My gran's medical insurance would however not pay for this procedure as they considered her too high risk. It would cost about $30 000 to have it done in the private hospital and $10 000 to have it done in the state hospital.) Dr Basson assured my now very shocked and concerned mom and her bros that he would be with her every second, he himself would do the procedure and he would transfer her back to the private hospital as soon as she could travel. He also said he would waiver all his fees, cutting the cost to about $8 000. He assured them that this was her only chance - she would be dead within 2 hours without the op. She might not survive the op in hear weak condition, but he felt she had a 30% chance. My mom and her bros said OK. 30 min later she was being rushed into theater with Dr Basson in the state hosp. Another 30 min later Dr Basson appeared all smiles and casually asked if they would like to go and see my gran before she took the ambulance back to the private hospital. My now totally overwhelmed mom and her bros walked into the recovery room where my gran was sitting up in bed, with a nice pink colour to her face (not the blue/grey of the past year), sipping tea and demanding to know just what was going on as she remembered nothing other than falling asleep in her old hospital room and now waking up here! She was transferred back to her old hospital room (where my mom swears the bed was still warm) and is now scheduled to receive a permanent pacemaker this afternoon from Dr Basson (the cost of which is included in the original price - apparently they always put a temporary one in first to check for compatibility). She will be discharged in the next 2 - 3 days and he assured us that her quality of life will be what it was 5 years ago. The admin people at the hospital have also been negotiating with the medical insurance all morning and they have now agreed to carry 50% of the cost - which means we (her family) have to come up with $4 000. The hospital administrator came and saw my gran this morning as well and told her that because she was "such a good girl" they would shave another $500 off the cost! My mom only found out this morning too that Dr Basson is in fact one of the top heart surgeons in the world. He is booked for months ahead. Thank you God for the nurse who mentioned my gran to Dr Basson, thank you for Dr Basson who has not become so famous and popular that he has forgotten what being a dr is all about, thank you that he was there last night, thank you for the admin people at the hospital for making the financial burden so much lighter with their endless pestering of the insurance and through their own generosity. And thank you for all the prayers (especially from you ladies at MK)! Thank you, thank you, thank you. Praise be to God!

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