Monday, April 19, 2010

Figure Skating One Year Later - April 2010

Watch the video of her April free skate competition

Wow, has it really been a year since I blogged? LOL! This is Queen Lucy one year since the last skating video I posted. She has come a long way. She started private lessons the end of last summer, and had her first competition in September, and placed first in both her free skate and compulsories - both level Basic Skills 6 (USFS). Since then she joined the synchro team, and competed in 5 more competitions. Whew!

The above video is from her last competition earlier this month. She skated a clean program - the best I have seen (though she said she has done better). She medaled and got third place - EXCELLENT! Especially considering she just moved up to this level and learned the required three new single jumps (loop, lutz, flip) and two new spins (sit and camel) in only five weeks! She had a not-so-good practice in the morning, but she shook off the nerves! CORRECTION - She informed me she already kinda knew the loop and sit spin, though the loop was not consistent, and she didn't have the revolutions for the sit spin.

Excellent coach + hard work + plenty of ice time + prayer (with God first of course) = what you see above.

Thank you Saint Lydwina for your intercession!


Mary Bennett said...

Kudos to Queen Lucy and her mom. That's a lot to master and get a medal? Wow!

Julie said...

You need to blog more! :). I'm off to add you to my reader in hopes that you'll blog more :).

As for Grace, she has improved so much in a year! It's amazing.

Ambara Putra said...

very talented girl, keep it up