Monday, February 25, 2008

Resurrecting the dead - a homeschool experiment

February 25, 2008 - Feast of Saint Walburga

Queen Lucy is using Jeannie Fulbright’s book Exploring Creation with Zoology 1: Flying Creatures of the Fifth Day, published by Apologia Educational Ministries. She loves creatures of all kinds (except spiders, but can you blame her?), so this course is right up her alley.

She is now studying insects, and one of the experiments, the Lazarus Experiment, required a live insect. Since there aren’t many of those around here in February, we went to the pet store and bought half a dozen feeder crickets (I think he told us they were Gulf Coast Crickets.) Queen Lucy set up a habitat for them in a larger peanut butter jar (she is hoping they will breed – ummm, I don’t think so!)

Back to the experiment. It required drowning a bug and bringing it back to life (I bet you can guess where it gets its name). I will let you research to find out why this happens.

First, let me introduce you to Lazarus –

Here is Queen Lucy drowning him –

Here is Lazarus – may he rest in peace –

This is Queen Lucy blowing salt off of him in an attempt to bring him back to life –

“I, Lazarus, declare this experiment a success!”


M. Alexander said...

That's so cool. Ana was just telling me that in AP Biology they had to anesthestize fruit flies, separate the male and female flies and have to breed them. Well they have only 2 males and one of the girls flicked one of them across the room and they couldn't find him!

+JMJ+ said...

I bet she'll never forget that! When she's a famous doctor someday, she'll recall that experiment as a catalyst!

bethalice said...

Ah, but she is going into the religious life in a Traditional order - it's just that she doesn't know it yet! LOL