Saturday, July 14, 2007

Rotten Apples Award – AT&T / Cingular

July 14, 2007 - Feast of Blessed Kateri Tekakwitha

Rotten Apples Award – AT&T / Cingular

AT&T/Cingular has the distinction of winning the first Rotten Apple Award.

We have been loyal customers to Cingular since March of 2001. But now, it seems, they are not loyal to us.

We have a pretty good plan that was paid on time each month, just like loyal customers should. Perhaps not a lot of minutes for some, but perfect for us.

Then in July of 2006, they added a monthly network service charge of $4.99 per line for each TDMA or Analog line of service on the account (we have two lines). While we were not pleased, we remained loyal customers.

I got an upgraded phone, and then went to the AT&T store today to switch from TDMA to the current network. Imagine my disbelief when I found out I would have to sign up for a new plan! One that costs MORE, and with LESS minutes!

So much for loyalty!

I walked out of the store. I will gladly take my money elsewhere. The other companies have similar plans as to what AT&T is now offering (same price, minutes, etc.), but I would much rather give my money to them, than to a company that stabs its loyal customers in the back. There may only be 1% of us still on TDMA, but that amounts to SEVERAL hundred thousand customers!

We are being offered “options” to move to the new network (as if we have a choice), including a free phone. (Whoopee, I already have one, besides nearly all new plans come with a free phone anyway.) AT&T will “allow” us to carry over added features to the new network, but rate plans will not carry over. (If you are still on TDMA, then you probably have an old plan, which usually does not have much in the way of “added features” – at least we do not.)

And I suppose they will charge an activation fee too…..ugh……….

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