Friday, March 30, 2007

You, too, can become a Minister/Reverend/Pastor!

Feast of Saint Leonard Murialdo

As I was perusing eBay for a traditional baptismal certificate, I came across an auction that leaves me almost speechless! (A hard thing to do, my mother would say.)

I will mention here some highlights:
“We believe women have the same right to be ordained as men.” WOO HOO!
“Obtain an honorary Doctorate and be entitled to use the title Doctor or Dr. before your name and the honorific of Ph.D after your name!” - Will this get me more respect from my children?
“Earn the respect automatically accorded to members of the clergy.” – Does this include the clergy discount?
“Lead, (even create your own!), religious ceremonies and rites as a legally ordained member of the clergy.” – My first ceremony will include the use of chocolate!

This is all made possible by Archbishop, R. Lueders Ph.D. D.D. of Saint Cecilia Ministries. They also offer a “Master of Wicca Studies Degree”. Saint Cecilia must be “rolling in her grave”.

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