Thursday, June 22, 2006

AACCKKK! I have a TEENAGER!!!!!!

My son turned 13 yesterday! I will let the picture say it all -

And an apology to all of my dear friends - many of whom I have not returned emails to (if I got them, as I am having email issues too). I had a garage/yard/tag sale to get rid of A LOT of things - unfortunately, there were another 148 sales the same weekend! Oh well, I still got rid of a lot (what didn't sell we gave away - and there was A LOT left, enough for another 1-2 sales! LOL!) SO I was very busy leading up to the sale, & after as we boxed everything up to give away.

Now, I am still incredibly busy (and stressed) with moving! By myself, I have to pack up a 3-bedroom house. Oh, did I mention we are still doing school? So I have that to do too. (We homeschool, and we took some time off during the year, which requires us to do some work in the summer.)

One more thing, our diocese had a beautiful Corpus Christi procession last Sunday. The media was there, & my children thought it was "cool" we were on the news (though you had to look closely & not blink). See pictures & read about it here -

Our parish had theirs on the actual day of the feast - Thursday, June 15th. You can see pictures here, click "news and photos" on the left -

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Michelle- This One's For The Girls said...

Happy Birthday Shane. And as a mother to two teens, my prayers go out to your mother. :)